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The Philadelphia Experiment - This supposed

experiment of making the USS Eldridge invisible, in

1943, was created by Albert Einstein's unified field

theory. The initial goal of the experiment was to make

the ship invisible to radar from German U-boats.

Instead, complete invisibility was achieved. Some

reports have the ship disappearing, appearing in

Norfolk, VA, disappearing from there, and re-appearing

in it's original location, at the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

When the ship re-appeared, it is rumored that there were sailors embedded in the steel of the ship's hull, others were mentally insane, and those that weren't, were discharged from the Navy, cited as being mentally incapable.

Montauk Project - Reportedly, stemming from the

Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project was a

series of government secret experiments, at Montauk

Air Force Station (also known as Camp Hero), in Montauk,

Long Island, NY. The experiments were reported to

include the development of psychological warfare,

teleportation, time travel, alien contact, etc. The

story came to light when Preston Nichols, claimed to

have uncovered suppressed memories of his personal

accounts and involvement in the experiments. He, along with Peter Moon, released a series of books recounting his memories, called The Montauk Project.

Preston Nichols, Al Bielik, and Stewart Swerdlow, released a documentary, called The Montauk Chronicles, in which they recounted their own personal experiences as part of this secret project. 


There have been a multitude of various government cover-ups over the years, ranging from technological experiments, to weather manipulations, to experiments on our own people, to assassinations...and the list goes on and on and on.