Chupacabra  - The first reported sightings of

this cryptid, came out of Puerto Rico, then

spread into South American countries, and now

up into the Southwest United States. The name

Chupacabra, literally translates to Goat

Sucker. Reports of this creature usually involve

small farm animals, which are found dead with

the blood drained from their bodies. Originally,

the Chupacabras were generally described as 

bi-pedal, with a type of reptilian look and

spines down it's back. Over the past several

years, there has been reported  sightings, video

and even captured Chupacabras, in Texas. While these captured creatures did not have the classic Chupacabra reported look, they are more canine-like, with exceptionally long fangs, long snouts, out of proportion back to front legs, hairless, with very rough, elephant-like skin. Also referred to as the Texas Blue Dog. While these animals have yet to be 100% identifiable, there is no evidence that they are the Chupacabra.


Bigfoot - At the epicenter of the Cryptozoology

spectrum, is Bigfoot. Also know as Sasquatch,

Skunk Ape, etc., depending on the geographical

area. The lore of this man/ape has been around

for centuries. Although there has been countless

sightings, plaster casts of supposed footprints

of this creature, and some photos and videos, no

conclusive evidence has ever been confirmed.

Possibly, the closest thing to hard evidence of

this creature, is the Paterson/Gimlin film from

1967, in Bluff Creek, CA. The film is 23 feet long,

with 954 frames. It is said, that the only other piece of film that has been analyzed more, is the Zupruder film of the Kennedy assassination.

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Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience involving the search for creatures whose existence has not yet been proven, due to lack of mainstream scientific evidence. The creatures that cryptozoologists study, are often referred to as cryptids.