Somewhere Out There Radio

Ghosts -  Also referred to as apparitions or spirits, are generally described as the faint or translucent appearance of a deceased or non-living person, which can manifest to those in the living world.  They can also be described as an energy, similar to a static electricity, not always visual.  

The picture to the right is one that I had

taken in a cemetery in St. Augustine, FL,

in the summer of 2015. It is a historic site,

and the public is not allowed in. If you are

caught inside, you can face large fines, or

even jail time. There was no one standing

there when I took the picture. And, they

were not there in subsequent pictures that

were taken at the exact same spot within

seconds of each other. In the second picture,

I enhanced and changed the color of the

picture to show that the two images were

actually inside the fence. I cannot say that

these are "ghosts", but I do not have a

conclusive answer as to what they were,