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Billy Meier - Some of the most compelling of all UFO photos are those of Billy Meier. Throughout the 1970's, he released many incredibly clear images of  supposed UFO's on the Swiss countryside. Meier had also claimed to have had ongoing contact with a race of aliens, known as the Plejaren, from the planet Erra.  

Belgium UFO Wave - From November  29, 1989 

through April 1990, a wave of large triangular

shaped UFO's were seen throughout Belgium. The

sightings peaked on March 30th/31st, 1990, when

an estimated 13,500 people witnessed large

crafts moving very slowly in the night sky.

Approximately 2,600 of those filed written

statements as to what they had seen.  The unknown crafts were tracked on radar, and chased by two Belgian Air Force F-16's 

The Shag Harbour UFO Incident - Known as

Canada's Roswell, on October 4th, 1967

there was the reported impact of an unknown

large object into waters near Shag Harbour,

a Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The

incident was investigated by the Royal

Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian

Coast Guard, the Royal Canadian Navy and

Royal Canadian Air Force. At least eleven

people saw a brightly lit object head towards

the harbour, and crash into it. The object was never officially identified, and was therefore referred to as an Unidentified Flying Object, in Government of Canada documents.


UFO- Unidentified Flying Object. The key word is, "Unidentified." Just because something is unidentified does not immediately mean that it is of extra-terrestrial origin. It may simply be an aerial vehicle unknown to us. It could be a military technology not introduced to the population, yet. It may be a misidentified aerial craft of known origin. Or, it could be an actual object from a place unknown to us.

Erich Van Doniken - Known as the Grandfather of

the Ancient Alien theory, his 1968 book, Chariots of

the Gods,  was a giant breakthrough in the UFO field.

The book became a best seller in 40 countries, was

translated into 32 different languages and has sold

over sixty five million copies. Films were also made

from his books, Chariots of the Gods and  Messages of

the Gods. He has also given over three thousand

lectures in 25 countries.  

Travis Walton Abduction Case - One of the most

famous UFO abduction cases ever recorded, was

that of Travis Walton. A 22 year old logger from

Snowflake, AZ. In the early evening of November

5th, 1975, Walton, his employer, Mike Rogers, and

5 other crew members had finished their workday

and were heading home, when they saw a golden

disc hovering above a clearing. Rogers had

stopped the truck, and Walton jumped out and ran toward the object.  The other crew member stated that a blue-green light came out of the object,

struck Walton, lifted him off of the ground, then sent him flying 10 feet back dropping him onto the ground. The other crew members left the scene, contacted the local Deputy, originally stating that Walton was missing. They then met the Deputy, and told him what they had witnessed. They went back to the scene, but Walton was nowhere to be found. Under suspicion by authorities, the other crew members were administered polygraph tests. The results concluded that all of the men were truthful and the test was conclusive. After five days had passed, Walton awoke on side of the road. He made is way to a gas station pay phone, and called for someone to get him. He had described his abduction experience to his co-workers and authorities. Walton was reported to have failed his first polygraph test, and he stated that he was not familiar with some of the words being used by the person administering the test. In two subsequent polygraph tests, it was determined by both, that Walton was being truthful on all accounts of his abduction.  

Nazi Vril - In the late 1920's/early 1930's, Nazi

Germany was working on some very advanced

flight technology. The Vril (picture to right),

is not known to have actually flown, although it

is a bit obvious as to what they were attempting

to achieve. Along with this, it is also reported

that they were working on a device called The Bell,

which was a time travel technology.